Agroecological Resource Areas (ARA) Database User's Manual, Abstract

Data files associated with the Agroecological Resource Area (ARA) maps for the Canadian Prairies include compiled data on soil and landform, regional climate, soil moisture conditions, simulated wheat yields under dryland conditions, and farm economics and land use information from the Census of Agriculture. The data are stored within an ARC/INFO Geographic Information System (GIS).

Agroecological Resource Areas (ARAs) are biophysically homogenous units at a scale of 1:2 million, based on ecoclimatic zonation, landform and soil characteristics. These units can be used to study agricultural systems, land use, conservation, and the impacts of various management and socio-economic practices. They are a convenient planning unit upon which to develop databases for use in agricultural research.

The digitized ARA maps for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and the associated data files, currently reside in an ARC/INFO GIS which is part of the Canada Soil Information System (CanSIS).