Basic Climate Data from ARA database


This data file contains monthly values for a number of basic climate variables, which were derived from Atmospheric Environment Service (AES) station normals data (1951-1980) using a combination of Thiessen polygon routines and expert knowledge. Solar radiation data are based on a 100 km grid database of 1951-1980 climatic normals data. Vapour pressure and wind are from a 1941-1970 100 km grid. Items from this file are retrieved by choosing the appropriate variable number, and the months desired. The variable numbers are as follows:

Variable Number Variable Reporting Units
2 Mean Daily Maximum Air Temperature 0.1 C
3 Mean Daily Minimum Air Temperature 0.1 C
4 Mean Daily Temperature 0.1 C
5 Rainfall 0.1 mm
6 Snowfall 0.1 cm
7 Total Precipitation 0.1 mm
8 Solar Radiation at Surface 0.01 MJ/m2/day
9 Vapour Pressure 0.01 mb
10 Mean Wind Speed at 10 m or 33 ft. height 0.01 m/sec
11 Extreme Maximum Temperature 0.1 C
12 Extreme Minimum Temperature 0.1 C
13 Number of Days with Rain 0.1 day

Item Name Description

N.B. The decimal point is not included in the data; therefore, for example, a mean daily maximum air temperature shown as 100 should be interpreted as 10.0.

One record per ARA per variable.

PROV Province
VAR Variable Number as explained above
JANV Variable Value for January
FEBV Variable Value for February
MARV Variable Value for March
APRV Variable Value for April
MAYV Variable Value for May
JUNV Variable Value for June
JULV Variable Value for July
AUGV Variable Value for August
SEPV Variable Value for September
OCTV Variable Value for October
NOVV Variable Value for November
DECV Variable Value for December
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