Daily Climatic Data for Agroecological Resource Area (ARA) Database


The data in this file were derived from Atmospheric Environment Station (AES) data for the years 1955-85, and were generalized to the ARA level using Thiessen polygon routines and expert knowledge. The stations represented in this data file are not necessarily the same as those used for the basic monthly climate normals data, since not all the stations used in the Normals calculations have the long-term records used for the Daily file. The records in this file represent two time series: 1955-65 and 1966-85. The stations used differ between the two series, as weather stations were added to or deleted from the AES system in 1965.

N.B. The decimal point is not included in the data; therefore, for example, a maximum air temperature shown as 250 should be interpreted as 25.0.

One record per ARA per day for the 1955-85 period.

Item Name Description Reporting Units
ARANO ARA Number  
PROV Province  
YEAR Year of data  
MONTH Month of data  
DAY Day of data  
TEMPMAX Maximum Air Temperature 0.1 C
TEMPMIN Minimum Air Temperature 0.1 C
RAIN Precipitation as Rain 0.1 mm
SNOW Precipitation as Snow 0.1 cm
PPTNTTL Total Precipitation 0.1 mm
POTEVAP Potential Evapotranspiration
- based on Baier and Robertson (1965) formula 1
0.1 mm