PIXMOD Manitoba Prototype from Agroecological Resource Area (ARA) Database

Simulated Wheat Yields: Manitoba Prototype


This file was created during an initial stage of the development of the ARA maps. It contains output from the PIXMOD model for the province of Manitoba. The boundaries used to define the ARAs during this prototype stage differ from the finalized version (the boundaries in the agricultural areas of the province were essentially unchanged, but more ARA polygons were added in the north). The climate stations, years of data used (1964-1983), and in some cases, the soil series used, may also differ from those used to produce the files documented in SIMYLDWHT. Nevertheless, because this file was extensively validated, it is considered to be an important part of the ARA database.

Reference: Onofrei (1986).

One record per ARA per year per soil code per scenario.

Item Name Description Reporting Units
ARANO ARA Number  
SOIL_CODE Soil Code  
SCEN Scenario  
YEAR Year  
GSL Growing Season Length (from seeding to maturity) days
PPTNTTL Total Precipitation (from seeding to maturity) m
POTPRODAG Potential Above Ground Biomass Production kg/ha
POTGRNBU Potential Grain Yield (constrained only by solar radiation) bu/ha
ACTPRODAG Actual Above Ground Biomass Production kg/ha
ACTGRNKG Actual Grain Yield kg/ha
ACTGRNBU Actual Grain Yield bu/ha
PRODLOSS Actual Above Ground Net Production Lost Due to Severe Climatic Conditions (drought or excess moisture) kg/ha


  • 1    Fmax = 20 kh/ha/h, 75 kg/ha NO3 fertilizer applied
  • 2    Fmax = 20 kg/ha/h, 150 kg/ha NO3 fertilizer applied
  • 3    Fmax = 30 kg/ha/h, 75 kg/ha NO3 fertilizer applied
  • 4    Fmax = 30 kg/ha/h, 150 kg/ha NO3 fertilizer applied

where Fmax is the maximum rate of CO2 exchange (Stewart 1981); van Keulen et al, (1982); Versteeg and van Keulen, (1986).