Simulated Wheat Yields from Agroecological Resource Area (ARA) Database


This file contains data generated by the PIXMOD wheat model Onofrei (1986). Up to three major agricultural soils were identified within each ARA to provide input for the model. Each soil is identified by its soil series code (SOIL_CODE). The SOIL_CODE also provides a link to the Soil Names and Soil Layer files available through CanSIS (see SOILLINK). Thirty one years of weather data (1955-1985) were used as input to the model.

One record per ARA per SOIL_CODE per year.

Item Name Description Reporting Units
ARANO ARA Number  
PROV Province  
SOIL_CODE Soil Series Code  
YEAR Year  
YLDS Yield on Stubble kg/ha
YLDF Yield on Fallow kg/ha