Soil Link File for Agroecological Resource Area (ARA) Database


This cross tabulation file provides the link between the ARA polygons and the Soil Layer File, which is stored in the National Soil Data Base. For the purpose of running the PIXMOD wheat model, the output of which is in the data file (SIMYLDWH), up to three agricultural soils in each ARA polygon were chosen to provide soil layer data for input to this model.

Reference: Soil Inventory Map Attribute Files for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

One record per soil code per ARA.

Item Name Description Reporting Units
ARANO ARA Number  
PROV Province  
SOIL_CODE Soil Series Code  
SOILCULTPER Percent of Cultivated Area Represented by Named Soil %
ARACULTPER Percent of ARA Cultivated %
SOILPOLYPER Percent of ARA Represented by Named Soil %
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