Soil Temperature Files from Agroecological Resource Area (ARA) Database


The data in this file were derived from ARA monthly normals data (1951-1980) and consist of an estimation of average monthly soil temperatures at 10 cm and 50 cm depth, and other derived soil climatic parameters.

Reference: Ouellet (1973).

One record per ARA per depth.

Item Name Description Reporting Units
* The Soil Climate Class is from Clayton et al.(1977). If SLCLIMCLS2 is not 0.0, then the soil temperature is between two classes expressed in SLCLIMCLS1 and SLCLIMCLS2.
ARANO ARA Number  
PROV Province  
DEPTH Depth cm
JAN January Soil Temperature C
FEB February Soil Temperature C
MAR March Soil Temperature C
APR April Soil Temperature C
MAY May Soil Temperature C
JUN June Soil Temperature C
JUL July Soil Temperature C
AUG August Soil Temperature C
SEP September Soil Temperature C
OCT October Soil Temperature C
NOV November Soil Temperature C
DEC December Soil Temperature C
MATEMP Mean Annual Soil Temperature C
MSTEMP Mean Summer Soil Temperature (June, July, Aug.) C
DD>5C Average Seasonal Degree Days > 5 degrees C
DD>15C Average Seasonal Degree Days > 15 degrees C
D>5C Average Number of Days Soil Temperature > 5 degrees C days
D>15C Average Number of Days Soil Temperature > 15 degrees C days
SLCLIMCLS1* Soil Climate Class 1  
SLCLIMCLS2* Soil Climate Class 2  

Class Definition

  • 0.0 no class defined
  • 1.0 Arctic
  • 2.0 Subarctic
  • 3.0 Cold to moderately cold Cryoboreal
  • 3.1 Moderately cold Cryoboreal
  • 4.0 Cool to moderately cool Boreal
  • 4.1 Cool Boreal
  • 4.2 Moderately cool Boreal
  • 5.0 Mild to moderately warm Mesic
  • 5.1 Mild Mesic
  • 5.2 Moderately warm Mesic
  • 6.0 Thermic
  • 7.0 Hyperthermic
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