Map Unit Table (MAPUNIT)




This table contains non-standard attributes which apply to the entire Soil Map Unit (i.e. polygon(s)), and thus could not be placed in the Component Table.


Contents of dataset: dss_v2_REGION_mapunit
Field Name Type Width Description
1 MAPUNIT string 68 Map Unit Identifier


  • A record in this file is unique with respect to MAPUNIT.
  • MAPUNIT is required to relate (1:N) to the PAT.


The proportion of the polygon occupied by each separate component of a map unit is identified. However, their location within any polygon is not defined. The data model limits the number of components to a maximum of three, even though more may have been recognized in the field.

Note that the dominant component for some map units will be a non-soil (i.e. water, rock, or ice). Analyses involving dominant soil components should take this fact into account.