Polygon Attribute Table (PAT)




The Polygon Attribute Table (PAT) provides the linkage between geographic locations (polygons) and soil attributes in the associated database tables.


Contents of dataset: dss_v2_REGION_pat
Field Name Type Width Description
1 AREA decimal 8 Internal field
2 PERIMETER decimal 8 Internal field
3 NUM integer 8 Internal field
4 ID integer 8 Internal field
5 LAND_AREA integer 8 Area of land (applicable to the component table)
6 WATER_AREA integer 8 Area of Fresh Water
7 POLYGON_AR integer 8 Total area of the polygon
8 MAPUNIT string 68 Map Unit Identifier


  1. A record in this file is unique with respect to SOIL#.
  2. The MAPUNIT field is used to relate to the CMP table.


  1. MAPUNIT numbers are not always unique within a coverage.
  2. The first 8 characters of MAPUNIT will be identical for all records within a coverage.