Spatial Reference Layers

The version 2 Detailed Soil Survey datasets that were combined into the DSS compilations used a variety of sources as reference layers. Many of them were based on hydro information from various vintages of the National Topographic Data Base (NTDB). This reference layer would sometimes be the 1:250,000 dataset, but more often was the 1:63,360 or 1:50,000 datasets.

AAFC has made an effort to align most of the compiled soil survey products with the NTDB's CanVec 1:50,000 hydro layer, with the exception of BC, where the data is aligned with the provincial 1:20,000 scale topographical data known as TRIM.

These reference layers can be accessed via the following WMS's:

  • CanVec (CanVec data is displayed at scales more detailed than 1:120,000:

  • TRIM (for BC): These layers work well when zoomed in to greater than 1:25,000, but at smaller scales it is better to use the CanVec or Toporama services, Download XML file: