A National Ecological Framework for Canada

GIS Data

The National Ecological Framework for Canada is part of the CGDI National Frameworks Data. It has been aligned to the Atlas of Canada 1,000,000 National Frameworks Data - 1:M scale Hydrology.

GIS datasets for the different layers of the ecological framework are available as follows:

Shapefiles Arc/Info Export files
Download Ecozones (zip file, 1.4 MB) Download Ecozones (zip file, 950 KB)
Download Ecoprovinces (zip file, 2.4 MB) Download Ecoprovinces (zip file, 1.5 MB)
Download Ecoregions (zip file, 4.2 MB) Download Ecoregions (zip file, 2.6 MB)
Download Ecodistricts (zip file, 8.8 MB) Download Ecodistricts (zip file, 5.6 MB)