Land Potential Data Base - ACTUALYIELDS File

This information comes from annually published, provincial agricultural yearbooks. It is combined on an area-weighted basis by determining (using a manual overlay procedure) the percent of each mapunit in each crop reporting district and using that factor to produce a yield value by soil mapunit.

Yield data are available for Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. The information for each crop consists of the most recently available five year average yield, and the years for which this value was calculated. At present, no updates of this information are scheduled.

Variable Name Definition Units
MAPUNIT Soil Map Unit (Relate Field) 
YRSWHT Years Averaged for Wheat  
YLDWHT Average Actual yield, Spring Wheat kg/ha
YRSBAR Years Averaged for Barley 
YLDBAR Average Actual yield, Barley kg/ha
YRSOATS Years Averaged for Oats  
YLDOATS Average Actual yield, Oats kg/ha
YRSCAN Years Averaged for Canola  
YLDCAN Average Actual yield, Canola kg/ha
YRSSUNF Years Averaged for Sunflower  
YLDSUNF Average Actual yield, Sunflower kg/ha
YRSGCRN Years Averaged for Grain Corn  
YLDGCRN Average Actual yield, Grain Corn kg/ha
YRSSCRN Years Averaged for Silage Corn  
YLDSCRN Average Actual yield, Silage Corn kg/ha
YRSSOY Years Averaged for Soybean  
YLDSOY Average Actual yield, Soybean kg/ha
YRSFLAX Years Averaged for Flax  
YLDFLAX Average Actual yield, Flax kg/ha
YRSRYE Years Averaged for Rye  
YLDRYE Average Actual yield, Rye kg/ha
YRSFOR Years Averaged for Forage  
YLDFOR Average Actual yield, Forage kg/ha
YRSPOT Years Averaged for Potato  
YLDPOT Average Actual yield, Potato kg/ha