Land Potential Data Base - CLI File

These variables were derived by manually overlaying the Soil Capability for Agriculture maps from the Canada Land Inventory onto the Soil Map of Canada, and estimating the proportion of each capability class in each soil map polygon. Up to four dominant capability classes can be shown for each soil polygon, each with one sub-dominant class.

The CLI data are arranged such that CLI-A shows the rating for the largest proportion of the map polygon, CLI-B, the next largest, etc.

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CLI - 4 Items
Variable Name Definition
MAPUNIT Soil Map Unit (Relate Field)
CLI CLI rating for entire Mapunit
CLI-A CLI rating for part A
CLI-B CLI rating for part B
CLI-C CLI rating for part C
CLI-D CLI rating for part D


Mapunit A1001

CLI 80%CL5D 10%CL4D 10%CL6T 5T

CLI-C 10%CL6T 5T

Mapunit A1001 is 80% class 5D, 10% class 4D, and 10% class 6T with inclusions of 5T within that 10%.