General Climate Information

The climate data in the LDPB are based on the 1951-80 climate normals (Atmospheric Environment Service, Environment Canada), except for vapour pressure and windspeed, which remain as 1941-70 normals. Actual station data, averaged using the Thiessen polygon method, was used to calculate values for each mapunit.

For ease of use, the climate variables have been split into two files, one containing monthly data, and the other containing growing season information. These files are named CLIMATE5180 and GROWSEASCLIM respectively.

Certain of the mapunits are known to contain errors in climate data. These errors may be due to selection of inappropriate climate stations to represent these areas, and/or they may be caused by the methods of data analyses. These mapunits are B2012, D3124, F3060, H1028, H3048 and H3054.