Growing Season Climate Information File

Mean daily values of climate variables during the growing season.

Please read General Climate Information.

All variables in this file apply to the growing season period, which is defined as the period between the growing season start (GSS) and the growing season end (GSE).

18 Items
Variable Definition Units
MAPUNIT Soil map unit (relate field)  
AGSL Actual growing season length days
CHU Corn Heat Units  
DEGDAY5 Degree days > 5 °C  
GSSEND Growing season end Julian date
GSSTART Growing season start Julian date
MNDAILYPE Mean daily potential evapotranspiration mm
MNDAILYRAD Mean daily solar radiation cal/cm²/day
MNDAILYT Mean daily temperature °C
MNDAYTIMET Mean daytime temperature °C
MNMAXDAILYT Mean maximum daily temperature °C
MNMINDAILYT Mean minimum daily temperature °C
N2000 Number of days required to reach 2000 CHU days
N2200 Number of days required to reach 2200 CHU days
N2300 Number of days required to reach 2300 CHU days
RAIN Mean rainfall mm
VAP Mean vapour pressure mb
WIND Mean windspeed cm/sec