The Land Potential Data Base for Canada

Users' handbook

V. Kirkwood, J. Dumanski, A. Bootsma, R.B. Stewart, and R. Muma

Land Resource Research Centre

Research Branch, Agriculture Canada

Ottawa, Ontario

Technical Bulletin 1983-4E

LRRC Contribution No. 86-29


The Land Potential Data Base (LPDB) is a computerized information base, containing data about soil, climate, physiography, land use, modelled constraint free (potential) crop yields, actual crop yields and soil degradation for all regions of Canada. These data are referenced (keyed) to the map polygons of the Soils of Canada map, at a scale of 1:5,000,000.

The Land Potential Data Base is the only comprehensive, national source of information on the land resources of Canada. These data have been used for various kinds of studies, such as crop yield potentials, soil degradation, land use diversification, climate change, production risk assessment, and so forth. Information from this data base can be obtained from CanSIS.

The LPDB coverage and datasets are available as an ARC/INFO Export file (compressed as .zip) called Information about citation, copyright, and limitations are detailed in readme.txt.