The Land Potential Data Base for Canada (LPDB) contains data about soil, climate, land degradation and modelled and actual crop yields for the major economically important crops in Canada. This information is summarized for each of the 755 soil map units (polygons) designated by the Soils of Canada map (Clayton et al., 1977) at a scale of 1:5 000 000.

This version of the data base has been updated from that developed as part of a global assessment of agroecological crop production potentials (FAO, 1978). It currently resides within CanSIS.

The soil map unit is the common variable (relate variable) for each of the data sets within the Land Potential Data Base.

Variables with numeric suffixes: (e.g. LANDUSE1, LANDUSE2, etc.) The dominant description will be in LANDUSE1, with significant inclusions (if any) in LANDUSE2, LANDUSE3, LANDUSE4. These numbers do not imply any weighting factor, nor do they specify spatial distribution of these attributes within each mapunit.