Summary of Soil Information from Soils of Canada

Vol. 2 - Inventory

(Clayton et al., 1977)

Variable Definition Units
MAPUNIT Soil Map Unit (Relate field)  
DIVISION Physiographic Division  
DOMST1 Dominant Soil Type 1  
DOMST1M Dominant Soil Type 1 Modifier  
DOMST2 Dominant Soil Type 2  
DOMST3 Dominant Soil Type 3  
ELEVHI Elevation, highest point m
ELEVLO Elevation, lowest point m
FAONUMOD FAO Numerical Modifier  
FAOSLCL FAO Slope Class  
FAOST1 FAO Soil Type 1  
FAOST2 FAO Soil Type 2  
FAOST3 FAO Soil Type 3  
FAOTEXT FAO Texture Class  
GREATGR Soil Great Group  
LANDFRM1 Landform 1  
LANDFRM2 Landform 2  
LANDFRM3 Landform 3  
LANDUSE1 Land Use 1  
LANDUSE2 Land Use 2  
LANDUSE3 Land Use 3  
LANDUSE4 Land Use 4  
LATDEG Latitude of polygon centroid degrees
LATMIN Latitude of polygon centroid minutes
LONGDEG Longitude of polygon centroid degrees
LONGMIN Longitude of polygon centroid minutes
PHASE Soil Phase  
PM1 Parent Material 1  
PM2 Parent Material 2  
PM3 Parent Material 3  
PM4 Parent Material 4  
PM1MOD Parent Material 1 Modifier  
PM2MOD Parent Material 2 Modifier  
REGION Physiographic Region  
SIGST1 Significant Soil Type 1  
SIGST1M Significant Soil Type 1 Modifier  
SIGST2 Significant Soil Type 2  
SIGST3 Significant Soil Type 3  
SOILAREA Mapunit area ha
SOILUNIT Soils of Canada Map Unit Symbol  
SUBST1 Subdominant Soil Type 1  
SUBST1M Subdominant Soil Type 1 Modifier  
SUBST2 Subdominant Soil Type 2  
SUBST2M Subdominant Soil Type 2 Modifier  
TEXTURE1 Soil Texture 1  
TEXTURE2 Soil Texture 2  
TOPOCLAS Topographic Slope Class  
XCOORD X Coordinate of Mapunit Centroid  
YCOORD Y Coordinate of Mapunit Centroid