Download version 2.2 of Soil Landscapes of Canada

ARC/INFO export files (compressed as *.zip)

The SLC is distributed as ARC/INFO export files (compressed as *.zip).  The SLC and HYDRO coverages for each portion of the country can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate mapsheet on the map below.  The mapsheet boundaries shown below are available as a separate coverage, called PROV.

Download files by selecting each area on the map. YTC001 NTC009 NTC008 NTC007 NTC006 NTC005 NTC004 NTC003 NTC002 NTC001 BCC001 BCC002 ABC001 skc001 MBC001 ONC002 ONC001 PQC004 PQC003 PQC002 PQC001 NFC002 NFC001 NBC001 PEC001 NSC001