Soil Landscape of Canada polygon coverage


This coverage indicates the boundaries of the SLC polygons. Linkages to attributes in related tables is through the PAT.

The SLC coverage has seen some cosmetic changes since version 2.1 ( see the rationale). Polygon boundaries which formerly followed shorelines have been moved into the middle of those water bodies, except in those rare cases where the boundary was co-incident with an ecostratification boundary, or the SLC appeared as a water body in the HYDRO coverage but contained non-water components. Polygons that were 100% water were removed from this coverage and are now found only in the HYDRO coverage.

For further information about the changes to water, see the rationale.


This coverage indicates the boundaries of the SLC polygons with the COMPONENT table, and displayed with the accompanying HYDRO coverage

Description of this image precedes

effective version 2.2