Parent material chemical property - first (uppermost)

Attribute definition
Attribute Label PMCHEM1
Title Parent material chemical property - first (uppermost)

The chemical composition class of the upper layer parent material.

Classes Parent Material Chemical Property: 8 classes. First used in SNT 2.0. Renamed from PMCHEM in SNT v1.0.

Code Class Description
UD Undifferentiated

Undifferentiated acidity and/or calcareousness

EA Extremely / Strongly Acidic

pH < 5.6

AN Medium Acid to Neutral

pH 5.6 - 7.4

WC Weakly Calcareous

< 6 CaCO3 equivalent (%)

VC Moderately / Very Strongly Calcareous

6 - 40 CaCO3 equivalent (%)

EC Extremely Calcareous

> 40 CaCO3 equivalent (%)

SA Calcareous and Saline

Calcareous and Saline

- Not Applicable

Not Applicable