Analytical Methods Manual

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This manual is available as a series of PDF files.

Table of Contents

Chemical Analysis

Potential of Hydrogen

84-001 pH in 0.01M CACl2 (1:2) and water (PDF version, 225KB)
84-002 Lime requirement buffer methods (PDF version, 214KB)

Soluble Salts

84-003 Soluble salts in 1:2 soil:water ratio (PDF version, 332KB)

Cation Exchange Capacity and Exchangeable Cations

84-004 Permanent charge CEC, and exchangeable cation by 2N NaCl extraction (PDF version, 254KB)
84-005 1N ammonium acetate extractable CA, Mg and K (PDF version, 137KB)
84-006 Cation exchange capacity at pH 7.0 by Ca (OAc)2-CaCl2 (PDF version, 216KB)
84-007 Barium acetate exchange capacity of organic soils (PDF version, 144KB)


84-008 Gravimetric methods, approximate (PDF version, 123KB)
84-009 Pressure transducer method (calcite and dolomite differentiation possible) (PDF version, 303KB)

Extractable Al, Iron, Manganese (and Silicon)

84-010 Dithionite-citrate extraction (PDF version, 217KB)
84-011 Acid ammonium oxalate extraction (PDF version, 233KB)
84-012 Sodium pyrophosphate extraction (PDF version, 250KB)


84-013 Total carbon, LECO induction furnace (PDF version, 390KB)
84-014 Organic carbon by wet oxidation (modified Walkley-Black) (PDF version, 198KB)
84-015 Pyrophosphate solubility index of organic matter (PDF version, 105KB)


84-016 Total phosphorus, acid digestion (PDF version, 240 KB)
84-017 Sodium bicarbonate extractable phosphorus (by autoanalyser) (PDF version, 439KB)
84-018 Extractable phosphorus by 0.03N NH4F + 0.025N HCL (Bray) (PDF version, 387KB)
84-019 Total phosphorus in water (by autoanalyser) (PDF version, 391KB)
84-020 Orthophosphate in water (by autoanalyser) (PDF version, 373KB)

Ammonia and Nitrate

84-021 Ammonia and nitrate extractable by 2N KCL (PDF version, 584KB)
84-022 Ammonia nitrate in water (by autoanalyser) (PDF version, 434KB)

Major and Minor Elements

84-023 Acid dissolution of total major and minor elements (other than C, N, P, and S) (PDF version, 217KB)
84-024 Extractable trace elements by either DPTA or EDTA (PDF version, 223KB)
84-025 Total mercury in soils (PDF version, 338KB)

Physical Analysis