Description of soil ABMUSxc~~~N (MUSKEG)

General Characteristics
Classification T.M

Terric Mesisol

Profile Native soil profile

The soil is in native condition (undisturbed by agriculture).

Kind of material Organic

The soil material is primarily composed of organic particles.

Water table Always

The water table is always present in the soil.

Root restrictions No root restricting layer

The growth of plant roots is not restricted by any soil layer.

Type of root restricting layer n/a

Not Applicable

Drainage Very poorly drained

Water is removed from the soil so slowly that the water table remains at or on the surface for the greater part of the time the soil is not frozen. Excess water is present in the soil for the greater part of the time. Groundwater flow and subsurface flow are the major water sources. Precipitation is less important except where there is a perched water table with precipitation exceeding evapotranspiration. Soils have a wide range in available water storage capacity, texture, and depth, and are either Gleysolic or Organic.

Parent Materials
Mode of Deposition Texture Chemical properties
Uppermost Sphagnum Peat

These deposits consist of sphagnum or forest peat formed in an ombrotrophic environment caused by the slightly elevated nature of the bog. They tend to be disassociated from nutrient-rich ground water or surrounding mineral soils.



Medium Acid to Neutral

pH 5.6 - 7.4

Below Glaciolacustrine

Used where there is evidence that the lacustrine materials were deposited in contact with glacial ice. One of the following characteristics must be present:

  • kettles or an otherwise irregular surface that is neither simply the result of normal settling and compaction in silt nor the result of piping
  • slump structures resulting from loss of support caused by melting of retaining ice
  • presence of numerous ice-rafted stones in the lacustrine silts.


Fine (USDA Texture Classes: SC,SIC,C,GSIC).


Undifferentiated acidity and/or calcareousness

Soil Layer Characteristics
Classification Physical Chemical Water
Layer Number Upper
hzn_lit hzn_mas hzn_suf hzn_mod bd cofrag tsand tsilt tclay domsand vfsand orgcarb vonpost wood phca ph2 bases caco3 cec ec ksat kp0 kp10 kp33 kp1500
1 0 25 O f 0.06 0 -9 -9 -9 - -9 45.0 2 3 3.0 3.6 10 0 106 0 60.0 95 50 -9 15
2 25 80 O m 0.12 0 -9 -9 -9 - -9 40.0 5 3 4.0 4.6 40 0 172 0 3.0 90 65 -9 20
3 80 100 C kg 1.3 0 20 30 50 F 8 0.0 -9 -9 7.7 7.9 99 4 28 0 0.0 51 -9 42 26