Description of soil BCMUDli~~~N (MURDALE)

General Characteristics
Classification DG.SO

Dark Gray Solod

Profile Native soil profile

The soil is in native condition (undisturbed by agriculture).

Kind of material Mineral

The soil material is primarily composed of mineral particles.

Water table Never

The water table is not present in the soil at any time.

Root restrictions Sixth layer

The growth of plant roots is restricted by the sixth layer.

Type of root restricting layer Solonetzic

Solonetzic B horizon

Drainage Well drained

Water is removed from the soil readily but not rapidly. Excess water flows downward readily into underlying pervious material or laterally as subsurface flow. Soils have intermediate available water storage capacity (4-5 cm) within the control section, and are generally intermediate in texture and depth. Water source is precipitation. On slopes subsurface flow may occur for short durations, but additions are equaled by losses.

Parent Materials
Mode of Deposition Texture Chemical properties
Uppermost Till (Morainal)

Morainal material (till) deposited by glacial ice: a mixture of boulders, sand, silt, and clay.

Moderately Fine

Moderately Fine (USDA Texture Classes: SCL,FSCL,VFSCL,CL,SICL,GSCL,GL,CBCL).

Calcareous and Saline

Calcareous and Saline

Below Undifferentiated

Bedrock, undifferentiated


Fine (USDA Texture Classes: SC,SIC,C,GSIC).

Not Applicable

Not Applicable

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