Description of soil BCPOPvl~~~N (POPE)

General Characteristics
Classification O.EB

Orthic Eutric Brunisol

Profile Native soil profile

The soil is in native condition (undisturbed by agriculture).

Kind of material Mineral

The soil material is primarily composed of mineral particles.

Water table Never

The water table is not present in the soil at any time.

Root restrictions Fifth layer

The growth of plant roots is restricted by the fifth layer.

Type of root restricting layer Lithic

Lithic (consolidated bedrock)

Drainage Rapidly drained

Water is removed from the soil rapidly in relation to supply. Excess water flows downward if underlying material is pervious. Subsurface flow may occur on steep gradients during heavy rainfall. Soils have low available water storage capacity (2.5-4 cm) within the control section, and are usually coarse textured, or shallow, or both. Water source is precipitation.

Parent Materials
Mode of Deposition Texture Chemical properties
Uppermost Colluvial

Massive to moderately-well stratified, nonsorted to poorly sorted sediments with any range of particle sizes from clay to boulders that have reached their present position only by direct, gravity-induced movement. Processes include slow displacements such as creep and solifluction and rapid movements such as earth flows.

Medium Skeletal

Medium Skeletal (USDA Texture Classes: VGSL, VGL).

Weakly Calcareous

< 6 CaCO3 equivalent (%)

Below Limestone

Limestone bedrock (limestone and dolomite)

Not Applicable

Not Applicable

Not Applicable

Not Applicable

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