Orthic Dystric Brunisol (O.DYB)

Common horizon sequence: LFH, Bm, C

These soils have the general properties specified for the Brunisolic order and the Dystric Brunisol great group. Usually they have organic surface horizons and brownish-colored, acid B horizons overlying acid C horizons.

Orthic Dystric Brunisols are identified by the following properties:

  1. They have a pH (0.01 M CaCl2) of less than 5.5 as specified for the great group.
  2. They have a Bm horizon at least 5 cm thick.
  3. They lack an eluvial horizon, Ae or Aej, at least 2 cm thick.
  4. They lack mottles that indicate gleying as specified for Gleyed Dystric Brunisols.
  5. They lack a duric horizon.
  6. They lack an Ah horizon at least 10 cm thick and an Ap horizon at least 10 cm thick with a moist color value of 4 or less.

Note: Diagnostic horizons are underlined.

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