Solonetzic Brown Chernozem (SZ.BC)

Common horizon sequence: Ah, Ae, Btnj or Btjnj, Csa or Ck

These soils have the general properties specified for the Chernozemic order and the Brown Chernozem great group. They differ from Orthic Brown Chernozems by having properties that indicate intergrading to the Solonetzic order. Specifically, they have a Bnj, Btjnj, or Btnj horizon and may have Ae, AB, and saline C horizons. The B horizon usually has prismatic structure and hard consistence. The prisms usually break to blocky secondary structural units having shiny, dark coatings. The eluvial horizon that is found in some Solonetzic Brown Chernozems may be similar to that described for the Eluviated Brown Chernozem subgroup. Solonetzic Brown Chernozems are usually associated with saline materials, and their B horizons usually have a higher proportion of exchangeable Na or Na and Mg than is characteristic of Orthic Brown Chernozems.

Note: Diagnostic horizons are underlined.

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