Orthic Gray Luvisol (O.GL)

Common horizon sequence: LFH, Ae, AB, Bt, C or Ck

These soils have the properties specified for the Luvisolic order and the Gray Luvisol great group. They have well-developed Ae and Bt horizons and usually have organic surface horizons. Faint mottling may occur immediately above or within the Bt horizon.

Orthic Gray Luvisols are identified by the following properties:

  1. They have an Ae horizon with a chroma of less than 3 unless the chroma of the parent material is 4 or more.
  2. They have a Bt horizon.
  3. They lack a Bf horizon.
  4. They lack a fragipan.
  5. They may have a dark-colored, mineral-organic surface horizon (Ah or Ahe) less than 5 cm thick.
  6. They may have an Ap horizon, but its dry color value must be 5 or higher.
  7. Distinct mottling, that indicates gleying does not occur within 50 cm of the mineral surface. Prominent mottling does not occur at depths of 50-100 cm.

Note: Diagnostic horizons are underlined.

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