Canadian Soil Information Service

The Canadian Soil Information Service (CanSIS) is an authoritative source of soil data and land resource information for Canada.

Services and information

National Soil Database

The National Soil Database contains soil, landscape, and climatic data for all of Canada

Interactive maps

Access various soil interpretive products maps

Soil survey reports

Historical soil survey reports archive

Printed maps

Maps of Canadian soils, landscapes, and climate

Canadian soil publications archive

Historical publications and manuals archive

Soil landscape illustrations

Photo gallery illustrating concepts found in the Soil Landscapes of Canada

Glossary of terms in soil science

Definition of terms used in soil science

Canadian Soil Biodiversity Observatory

Access the Canadian Soil Biodiversity Observatory

More information


Soil Landscapes of Canada

Access SLC v3.2

The Soil Landscapes of Canada provides information about the country's agricultural soils

National Pedon Database

Access the National Pedon Database

Access the National Pedon Database

Detailed soil survey compilations

Access Detailed Soil Survey Compilations

Access the Canadian detailed soil survey compilations

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