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Title Date
Updated attribute data for the Manitoba Detailed Soil Survey January 2016
Updated attribute data for the Alberta Detailed Soil Survey May 2014
Soil Survey Report for Napierville March 2014
Updated attribute data for the Ontario Detailed Soil Survey February 2014
TJS data access service (improved) October 2013
Detailed Soil Survey Compilation for the Yukon Territory July 2013
Improved Detailed Soil Survey Compilations July 2013
Soil Attributes Service June 2013
Upgraded CSSC3 Taxonomy Service March 2013
Soil survey index maps in KML format December 2012
Northern Land Use scanned maps October 2012
Soil Degradation Risk scanned maps June 2012
Atom news feed June 2011
Soil Landscapes of Canada, version 3.2 March 2011
Ecodistrict names February 2011
CLI 250K Agriculture scanned maps December 2010
Photo Gallery June 2010
Access to soil data via Table Joining Service (TJS) May 2010
CSSC3 Web Pages February 2010
CSSC3 Taxonomy Service February 2010
National Ecological Framework map (improved) February 2010
Soils of Canada map February 2010
AgroPedological Atlas of the Montreal Plain (improved) January 2010
Glossary of Terms in Soil Science (improved) January 2010

CanSIS Website Historic Timeline

Title Date
CanSIS starts to distribute soil data via FTP January 1993
CanSIS starts serving soil science data and documentation via HTTP August 1994
First web maps May 1995
SLC version 2.2 November 1996
How to rollup SLC Components February 1997
Component Table Mapping Extension May 1997
Texture class assignment May 1997
Introduction to PARS May 1997
PARS version 1.1 October 1997
ECODISTRICT climate normals January 1998
Component Table Mapper February 1998
Canadian System of Soil Classification 3rd edition (CSSC3) published March 1998
SLC DOMSUB attributes from version 1.1 linked to version 2.2 May 1998
Plant Hardiness Zones in Canada September 1998
CanSIS - Printed publications via the Internet February 1999
Printed maps now available via the Web June 1999
Crop Heat Units for Eastern Canada July 1999
CLI datasets and documentation November 1999
Ecostratification datasets - improved documentation November 1999
Detailed Soil Surveys: datasets and documentation March 2000
Soil Mapper version 1.0 September 2000
Soil Map Joiner version 1.0 November 2000
Revised Plant Hardiness Zones in Canada map April 2001
SLC Version 3.0 October 2004
WMS access to the National Ecological Framework April 2005
SLC Version 3.1 March 2006
SLC Version 3.1.1 August 2007
Soil Names Data Service October 2009
Soil Layers Data Service November 2009
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