Detailed Soil Survey (DSS) compilations

Individual detailed soil surveys have been stitched together to create compiled datasets for each province. These compilations usually cover much greater areas than the original tiles. Although the data structure resembles the DSS version 2 data model, there are some notable differences:

  1. There are no longer Civil and Hydro layers accompanying the data.
  2. There is no Map Unit Table.
  3. MAPUNIT in the Polygon Attribute Table is not always based on MAPUNITNOM. The field used varies by province.
  4. The attributes ORDER, S_GROUP and G_GROUP in the Soil Names Table have been renamed to ORDER2, S_GROUP2 and G_GROUP2 respectively.
  5. There are no longer DOC and readme files accompanying the data; instead there are metadata files accompanying the shapefile and each of the tables.

The significant characteristics of the DSS compilations are as follows.

Dataset descriptions

  1. Data model
  2. Detailed soil survey data
    1. Polygon Attribute Table (PAT)
    2. Polygon Rating Table (PRT)
    3. Component Table (CMP)
    4. Component Rating Table (CRT)
    5. Soil Name Table (SNT)
    6. Soil Layer Table (SLT)
  3. Spatial reference layers


The Detailed Soil Survey Compilations data is available to download as a compressed (zip format) "package" for individual provinces. Provincial packages consist of the map and soil attribute files (PAT, CMP, SNT and SLT) for the specific province in shapefile format. The structure of these files may be intermediate between version 2 and the structure described for this version.

The Detailed Soil Survey Compilation datasets are available as shapefiles here:

Some of the original Detailed Soil Surveys can be accessed here.

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