Polygon Rating Table (PRT)




The Polygon Ratings Table (PRT) contains attributes that apply to the entire soil polygon.


Contents of dataset: dss_v3_REGION_prt
Field Name Type Width Description
1 POLY_ID string 12 Polygon Identifier
2 MAPUNIT string 60 Map Unit Symbol
3 SLC_V3R2 integer 7 SLC Polygon Identifier
101 MAPUMOD string 3 Soil variation (SK)
102 SLOPE_RG string 3 Slope class (SK)
103 SURFEX string 3 Surface Expression (SK)
104 SLPL string 3 Slope length (SK)
105 SALSYM string 4 Soil salinity rating (SK)
106 WIND string 1 Wind erosion rating (SK)
107 WATER string 1 Water erosion rating (SK)
108 IRRIG string 8 Irrigation suitability rating (SK)
109 NONSOIL string 47 Name of nonsoil feature (SK)


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