Component Table




The Component Table describes the different soil landscapes which are found in a polygon.  Note that components describe only the land area portion of the polygon.


Contents of dataset: slc_v2r2_canada_cmp
Field Name Type Width Description
1 SL string 6 Soil Landscape Identifier
2 CMP string 2 Component Number
3 PERCENT string 3 Percent of polygon occupied by the component
4 KINDMAT string 1 Kind of Surface Material
5 VEGET string 2 Vegetation Cover and/or Land Use
6 PMDEP string 3 Parent Material Mode of Deposition
7 CFRAG string 3 Coarse Fragment Content of the Control Section
8 ROOTDP string 6 Rooting Depth, unrestricted
9 DRAIN integer 8 Drainage Class
10 DEVEL integer 8 Soil Development
11 CALC integer 8 Parent Material Calcareous Class
12 LOCSF integer 8 Local Surface Form
13 SLOPE integer 8 Slope Gradient
14 SNF integer 8 Province Code
15 SOILCODE integer 8 Soil Code
16 MODIFIER integer 8 Soil Modifier Code


The proportion of the polygon occupied by each separate component is identified. However, their location within the polygon is not defined. While the data model does not restrict the number of components or the proportion of the polygon that they occupy, restrictions have been recommended from a subject matter/organization standpoint.

Note that the dominant component for some polygons will be a non-soil (e.g. ice or rock). Analyses involving dominant soil components should take this fact into account.


The Soil Landscape Component Table was developed in response to the requirements of the Soil Carbon Data Base. It has been compiled for all map coverages in Canada and is beneficial to all other applications because it consists of major attributes important to plant growth and land management. The attribute list of the component file consists of a subset of those in the original dominant and subdominant files compiled for the provincial map coverages. However, the component file allows for more than two soil landscapes per polygon, and provides explicit descriptions of inclusions.

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