Soil Landscape of Canada version 2.2


This version includes the following significant changes to the quality of the data and the structure of the dataset.

  1. the contents of the Component Table have undergone an extensive manual review by regional CLRN pedologists.
  2. The dataset has now gone through a formal set of validation procedures.
  3. Water bodies are now found only in the HYDRO coverage, and the new Landscape Table must be used for all area calculations.

Although SLC polygons and numbers are effectively unchanged by this release, they can be mapped only by displaying the SLC coverage in conjunction with the HYDRO coverage (see the rationale, and the new data model).

Dataset descriptions


SLC V2.2 is available as SHP and DBF files compressed into a single zip file

Further Information

CITATION: Centre for Land and Biological Resources Research.  1996.  Soil Landscapes of Canada, v.2.2,  Research Branch, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Ottawa.
COPYRIGHT: Anyone may use these data free of charge, provided they acknowledge Agriculture and Agri-food Canada's authorship. AAFC retains exclusive rights, title, and ownership of this data.

Copying and redistribution of part or all of this dataset is acceptable, provided that the contents of this file are included with the redistribution. AAFC may be unable to answer queries about these data if they were obtained through a third party. 
LIMITATIONS: This dataset may contain errors and omissions that may be corrected in subsequent releases.
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