Soil Landscapes of Canada version 3.2

SLC version 3.2 is the latest revision of the Soil Landscapes of Canada, which was developed by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to provide information about the country's agricultural soils at the provincial and national levels. SLC v3.2 replaces SLC v3.1.1.

Updates in SLC version 3.2 include:

SLC v3.2 provides soil information at a scale of 1:1 million for the major agricultural regions of Canada. It retains the linkage to the national Ecological Stratification System for Canada that was established in SLC v2.2.

SLC v3.2 has the same GIS polygon coverage as SLC v3.0 , v3.1 and v3.1.1, representing the major agricultural regions of Canada. The SLC v3.2 component information is restricted primarily to the agricultural areas of Canada, although Alberta, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island have component, soil name and soil layer data for the entire province (i.e. beyond the agricultural areas).

The latest complete coverage of Canada (i.e. including areas outside the agricultural regions of the country) is SLC v2.2.


The SLC v3.2 polygon layer is available as a single combined SHAPEFILE, in decimal degrees, with associated dBase tables (.dbf).

Spatial reference layers are available here


The SLC v3.2 Project was directed by W. Fraser (SLC Working Group Lead), G. Patterson (National Soil Correlation) and X. Geng (CanSIS). Revisions to the SLC data bases were carried out by the Soil Landscapes of Canada Working Group members in each province: E. Kenney (BC); T. Brierley (Alberta); A. Anderson and L. Kozak (Saskatchewan); W. Fraser and B. Wiebe (Manitoba); D. Kroetsch (Ontario); L. Lamontagne and J.M Cossette (Quebec); Y. Jiao (New Brunswick); D. Holmstrom (PEI) and K. Webb (Nova Scotia).

Acknowledgement is also extended to others across the country who made significant contributions: M. Bock (Alberta); G. Lelyk (Manitoba); H. Younnie and C. Stewart (PEI); E. Woodrow (Newfoundland and Labrador); S. Fahmy and H. Rees (New Brunswick); S. Smith (BC); and D. Brewin, D. Howlett, P. Schut (CanSIS).

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Soil Landscapes of Canada Working Group, 2010. Soil Landscapes of Canada version 3.2. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. (digital map and database at 1:1 million scale).


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