Landscape Area Table (LAT)




The Land Area Table (LAT) contains attributes of the polygon, and attributes which apply to the entire landscape represented by that polygon. Area values for the SLC polygons were calculated using the HYDRO coverage. When unioned with the SLC coverage, it provides land, fresh water and ocean water values for each landscape polygon. All values are in hectares.


Contents of dataset: slc_v3r2_canada_lat
Field Name Type Width Description
1 POLY_ID integer 7 SLC Polygon Identifier
2 LAND_AREA integer 8 Area of land (applicable to the component table)
3 WATER_AREA integer 8 Area of Total Water (Fresh and Ocean)
4 FRESH_AREA integer 8 Area of Fresh Water
5 OCEAN_AREA integer 8 Area of Ocean Water shown on the HYDRO coverage
6 TOTAL_AREA integer 8 Area of the entire polygon



The Land Area Table was developed to simplify the calculation of land and water areas for the SLC polygons, and remove ambiguities in the way water was represented in previous versions. This table was derived from the SLC and HYDRO coverages.

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