Landform Definition Table (LDT)




This table defines a set of 84 landscape segments; four segments for each of 21 landform types. Each segment in each of the 21 landforms has a characteristic slope, slope length, and relative extent within the landform. The structure of this table is shown below.


Contents of dataset: slc_v3r2_canada_ldt
Field Name Type Width Description
1 LFS_ID string 3 Landform Segment Identifier
2 LF_TYPE string 1 Landform Type Class
3 LF_SLOPE string 1 Landform Slope Class
4 LF_SEGMENT string 1 Landform Segment Class (Position)
5 LFS_EXTENT integer 3 Percent of Landform in this Segment
6 LFS_SLOPE decimal 4 Slope of Landform Segment
7 LFS_LENGTH integer 4 Slope Length of Landform Segment
8 LFS_NAME string 45 Name of Landform Segment



A national set of 21 landform types have been established, based on field observations of representative sites in Alberta 1. Each landform is defined as having four segments, representing the upper slope, mid slope, lower slope and depression positions (U, M, L, D).

1 MacMillan, R.A., Pettapiece, W.W., and Brierley, J.A. 2005. An expert system for allocating soils to landforms through the application of soil survey tacit knowledge. Can. J. Soil Sci. 85: 103-112.

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