Soil Layer Table (SLT)




The Soil Layer Table (SLT) contains information which varies in a vertical direction, for all soils in the NSDB. Data in this table is based upon real measurements where available, but the majority of values are estimates provided by experienced pedologists. The data in the SLT can be considered to represent modal information for each attribute in isolation. As such it is appropriate for mapping and land suitability interpretations. It should not be treated as real pedons for environmental modelling purposes because the recorded combination of measurements may never actually be present for any pedon in the field. Measurements for real pedons are stored in the Pedon database.

The latest version of the SLT is available here.


Contents of dataset: soil_layer_REGION_v2
Field Name Type Width Description
1 SOIL_ID string 11 Soil Name Identifier
2 PROVINCE string 2 Province Code
3 SOIL_CODE string 3 Soil Code
4 MODIFIER string 5 Soil Code Modifier
5 PROFILE string 1 Type of soil profile
6 LAYER_NO string 1 Layer Number
7 UDEPTH integer 3 Upper Depth
8 LDEPTH integer 3 Lower Depth
9 HZN_LIT string 1 Horizon Lithological Discontinuity
10 HZN_MAS string 3 Horizon Master Code
11 HZN_SUF string 7 Horizon Suffix
12 HZN_MOD string 1 Horizon Modifier
13 COFRAG integer 3 Coarse Fragments
14 DOMSAND string 2 Dominant Sand Fraction
15 VFSAND integer 3 Very Fine Sand
16 TSAND integer 3 Total Sand
17 TSILT integer 3 Total Silt
18 TCLAY integer 3 Total Clay
19 ORGCARB decimal 5 Organic Carbon
20 PHCA decimal 4 pH in calcium chloride
21 PH2 decimal 4 pH as per project report
22 BASES integer 3 Base Saturation
23 CEC integer 3 Cation Exchange Capacity
24 KSAT decimal 7 Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity
25 KP0 integer 3 Water Retention at 0 kP
26 KP10 integer 3 Water Retention at 10 kP
27 KP33 integer 3 Water Retention at 33 kP
28 KP1500 integer 3 Water Retention at 1500 kP
29 BD decimal 5 Bulk Density
30 EC integer 3 Electrical Conductivity
31 CACO3 integer 2 Calcium Carbonate Equivalent
32 VONPOST integer 2 Von Post
33 WOOD integer 2 Woody Material



A comprehensive set of validation checks were run on the values found in this table to eliminate gross errors and ensure that the data are complete and internally consistent. These checks were not performed on records where the value of the KIND field in the SNT was U or N (Unclassified or Non soil). As a result, there may be inconsistencies in the amount and type of SLT data recorded for these soils. Some “non soil” components may have no SLT data, others may have records with “-9” in most fields, and some may have SLT records with attribute values that some interpretation programs can use. For example, bedrock may have no SLT records at all, or it may have just a single SLT layer, with HZN_MAS = “R “, TSAND, TSILT, TCLAY = “-9”, BD = 3.0 or -9, etc.

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