Soil Survey Reports for Yukon

Detailed Soil Survey Reports

These reports and maps are the most detailed soil surveys available for this part of Canada.

Report Number Soil Survey Report Vintage Scale Report Data
yt02 Carcross Valley Soil - Whitehorse Area 1989 20,000 view the report download the data
yt15 Soil and Vegetation of Herschel Island 1989 25,000 view the report
ytcrs Coal River Springs Biophysical Inventory 1983 34,000 view the report
ytkrv Soil Survey of the Klondike River Valley 1987 20,000 view the report
ytmp Macmillan Pass Resource Inventory 1982 100,000 view the report
ytps International Tour of Permafrost Affected Soils - Yukon and Northwest Territories 1993 0 view the report
ytsl Resource Inventory of the Southern Lakes Project 1983 100,000 view the report
ytw Soil, Terrain and Wetland Survey of the City of Whitehorse 1997 30,000 view the report

Reconnaissance Soil Surveys and compilations

These soil reports and maps are of a reconnaissance nature. They are suitable for obtaining a general overview of the location and extent of major soil types.

Report Number Soil Survey Report Vintage Scale Report Data
yt62-1 Reconnaissance Soil Survey of the Takhini and Dezadeash Valleys 1962 126,720 view the report
ytm1 Preliminary Report On An Exploratory Soil Survey Along the Alaska Military Highway and the Yukon River System 1943 0 view the report
yts174 Soil Survey and Land Evaluation of the Yukon Territory 1977 125,000 view the report
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