Interactive maps

The interactive maps listed here display various soil interpretative products.

Soils of Canada

A national scale web map displaying the areal extent of soil Orders, soil Great Groups, soil drainage, kind of material and local surface form.

View Soils of Canada map

National Ecological Framework

The National Ecological Framework provides a consistent, national spatial context within which ecosystems at various levels of generalization can be described, monitored, and reported on.

View National Ecological Framework map

Canada Land Inventory

This map displays the Canada Land Inventory's land capability for agriculture at a 1:250,000 extent.

View Canada Land Inventory map

Agri-environmental indicators

The National Agri-environmental Health Analysis and Reporting Program (NAHARP) assesses and reports on the agriculture sector's environmental performance via a set of Agri-environmental indicators. These indicators are intended to provide reliable, science-based information on the current state and changes in the conditions of the environment in agriculture at a national or regional scale.

View Agri-environmental indicators map

Additional resources

For access to more interactive agricultural maps visit the geospatial products page.

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