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Soil Development

These data are presented as a set of components within each polygon.  The following attributes are included:

CMP Component Number (arbitrary)
PERCENT Percent of polygon occupied by the component
SOIL Soil Development

Soil development is based on the second edition of the Canadian System of Soil Classification (Agriculture Canada Expert Committee on Soil Survey. 1987).  The following codes are used. 

A Brown Chernozem
B Dark Brown Chernozem
C Black Chernozem
D Dark Gray Chernozem/Luvisol
E Gray Brown Luvisol
F Gray Luvisol
G Brown Solonetz
H Dark Brown Solonetz
HG Humic Gleysol
HR Humic Regosol
I Brunisol Gray Luvisol
J Black Solonetz
K Gray Solonetz
L Melanic Brunisol
LG Luvic Gleysol
M Eutric Brunisol
N Sombric Brunisol
O Organic Cryosol
P Dystric Brunisol
Q Humic Podzol
R Regosol
S Static Cryosol
SD Solod
SS Solodized Solonetz
T Turbic Cryosol
U Gleysol
V Ferro-Humic Podzol
W Humo-Ferric Podzol
X Fibrisol
Y Mesisol
Z Humisol
# Water, Rock or Ice
* Unknown (urban development)


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