Water bodies (subdominant soil landscape)

Attribute definition
Attribute Label WATBDSUB
Title Water bodies (subdominant soil landscape)

Water bodies estimated from LANDSAT imagery, which are wholly contained within the polygon, in percentage coverage of entire polygon.

  • Lakes and water bodies whose shorelines form polygon boundaries are not included.
  • For areas of the country not mapped in version 1.0, a value of "-" was assigned.
Classes Water bodies. 6 codes. First used in SLC 1.0.

Code Class Description
F Few

Water bodies cover 0-10% area of polygon

C Common

Water bodies cover 11-25% area of polygon

M Many

Water bodies cover 26-50% area of polygon

A Abundant

Water bodies cover more than 50% of the area of the polygon

# not applicable

not applicable (Water, ice, rock)

- not identified

not identified

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