Surface Stoniness Class

Attribute definition
Attribute Label STONINESS
Title Surface Stoniness Class

Rock fragments on the surface of a soil or those protruding above ground have important effects on soil use and management. The limitations they impose are related to their number, size, and spacing at the surface.

The terminology that follows is further defined in the CanSIS Manual for Describing Soils in the Field.

Classes Stoniness: 7 classes. First used in DSS 1.0

Code Class Description
0 Nonstony

No stones or too few are present to interfere with cultivation (<0.01% of surface, stones more than 25 m apart).

1 Slightly stony

Some stones are present that hinder cultivation slightly or not at all (0.01-0.1% of surface, stones 8-25 m apart).

2 Moderately stony

Enough stones are present to cause some interference with cultivation (0.1-3% of surface, stones 1-8m apart).

3 Very stony

There are sufficient stones to handicap cultivation seriously; some clearing is required (3-15% of surface, stones 0.5-1m apart).

4 Exceedingly stony

The stones prevent cultivation until considerable clearing is done (15-50% of surface, stones 0.1-0.5m apart).

5 Excessively stony

The land surface is too stony to permit cultivation; it is boulder or stone pavement (more than 50% of surface, stones less than 0.1m apart).

- Not Applicable

Not Applicable

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