Component Table (CMP)




The Component Table describes each of the individual soil landscapes which comprise the polygon (i.e. the components of the polygon). Note that components apply to only to the land and wetland portion of the polygon.


Contents of dataset: dss_v3_REGION_cmp
Field Name Type Width Description
1 POLY_ID string 12 Polygon Identifier
2 CMP integer 2 Component Number
3 PERCENT integer 3 Percent of polygon occupied by the component
4 SLOPE_P decimal 5 Slope Steepness
5 SLOPE_LEN integer 4 Slope Length
6 STONINESS string 1 Surface Stoniness Class
7 PROVINCE string 2 Province Code
8 SOIL_CODE string 3 Soil Code
9 MODIFIER string 5 Soil Code Modifier
10 PROFILE string 1 Type of soil profile
11 SOIL_ID string 11 Soil Name Identifier
12 CMP_ID string 14 Polygon Component Identifier


The proportion of the polygon occupied by each separate component is identified. However, their location within the polygon is not defined. While the data model does not restrict the number of components or the proportion of the polygon that they occupy, restrictions have been recommended from a subject matter/organization standpoint.

Note that the dominant component for some polygons will be a non-soil (e.g. ice or rock). Analyses involving dominant soil components should take this fact into account.

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